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Massachusetts Drug Detox Center


Build a foundation for lasting recovery from addiction

Drug Addiction Treatment

Detox or detoxification is the process of the body’s removal of drugs. When this occurs there can be withdrawal symptoms that may be uncomfortable for the user. The withdrawal symptom experience can differ for each individual depending on many factors. A drug addiction treatment program near Boston, Massachusetts provides safe and effective medications that help someone who is struggling with substance abuse get through the symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal.

For some addictions, the physical withdrawals are the very reason they couldn’t stop using substances on their own. Medically managed detoxification is supervised by medical doctors, psychiatrists, and other addiction detox and recovery specialists. Depending on the person’s history of drug addiction or alcoholism, as well as mental and emotional disorders, each person will need personalized attention, specific medications, and medical supervision while in drug detox.

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Why Drug Detox?

The purpose of drug detox is also to encourage recovery from addiction. There are professional drug detox centers that only provide detox services and medications to get someone clean. In rare cases, this can allow someone to end their addiction. However, in most cases, a substance abuse treatment program is necessary to establish willingness and give the person the awareness and skills on how to remain drug and alcohol-free long term. Individualized treatment plans are provided at our detox center. This type of treatment plan maps out for the individual what kinds of therapy and substance-specific treatment program they need.

According to standards set by the consensus panel for Treatment Improvements Protocols (TIP) overseen by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, emphasize how critical the drug detox phase is for helping a person overcome their addiction.

Detoxification does not constitute substance abuse treatment but is one part of a continuum of care for substance-related disorders. The detoxification process consists of the following three sequential and essential components:

  • Evaluation
  • Stabilization
  • Fostering patient readiness for and entry into treatment

The standards set by the TIP are met at Evoke Wellness at Cohasset Drug Detox Center. We provide complete medical, psychiatric, and emotional evaluations work to stabilize each client physically, emotionally and mentally. Then, we customize a treatment program that is tailored to meet their unique needs.

Who Needs Drug Detoxification?

Drug detox is necessary for most people who have become addicted to an addictive substance. Although not all addictive substances cause physical withdrawal symptoms but most will cause emotional and mental withdrawal symptoms. All three types of withdrawal symptoms — emotional, mental, and physical — can be dangerous and require professional monitoring and support. The examples of substances that cause physical withdrawal symptoms that must be medically supervised include:

  • Heroin
  • Prescription Painkillers ( Oxycontin, Vicodin, Dilaudid, etc.)
  • Fentanyl
  • Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Ativan, Klonopin, etc.)
  • Alcohol
  • Methamphetamines
  • Cocaine

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How Long Does Drug Detox Take?

The amount of time it takes for a person to complete a drug detox program is dependent on their history of drug use: the types, and amounts, and for how long. Another consideration for how long it will take an individual to complete detox is whether they have other diagnoses that may exacerbate their withdrawal symptoms. Specific mental and emotional health diagnoses can make detoxification more challenging. For example, people who are diagnosed with depression or anxiety may experience insomnia or feel unable to relax longer than someone who is not diagnosed with depression or anxiety.

The timeline shows how long it generally takes for a person to detox from these commonly abused substances:

  • Opiates: (heroin, precision pain killers, fentanyl) = One week up to two or more weeks with 10 days marking a reduction in physical symptoms
  • Alcohol: five days up to two weeks with three days marking a reduction in most physical withdrawal symptoms
  • Benzodiazepines: 10 days up to two or three weeks with three days reducing physical withdrawal symptoms
  • Methamphetamine: Three days up to 10 days. Reduction in physical symptoms is typically rapid, and these individuals recover physically by sleeping and eating.
  • Cocaine: Three days up to seven days. Similar to methamphetamine, where physical withdrawal symptoms subside with rest and proper nutrition generally.

Evoke Drug Addiction Rehab Center Near Boston, Massachusetts

Evoke Wellness at Cohasset provides medically managed detoxification and drug rehab treatment. We allow our clients to rest and sleep while they are in detox. Once a client is admitted into our drug detox program, they are medicated and evaluated by our staff of medical doctors who specialize in drug and alcohol detoxification.

Next, they are assessed by our psychiatric professionals and diagnosed for any emotional or mental health disorders and prescribed medications if needed to begin treatment. Then clients are encouraged to meet with one of our addiction counselors and therapists once they are physically stronger. We provide small group counseling and individual counseling regularly during treatment.

Our Massachusetts drug addiction treatment center is modern and comfortable. Our clients are encouraged to go outside, participate in small groups, join in with lighthearted activities, and allow smoking outside in designated areas. Meals and snacks are provided around the clock, and each client is encouraged to talk with staff members when they need support or encouragement. We provide an individualized treatment plan to meet the unique needs of each patient. Our drug detox is directly connected to our substance-specific treatment programs.

Detox is Only the First Step

Ideally, clients who are admitted into one of our drug detox programs then enter one of our drug rehab treatment programs, which are directly connected. This allows for continued in-depth care and encourages the individual to form and build meaningful relationships with their counselors and other clients.

Are You Ready to Overcome Your Drug Addiction?

We understand that the treatment process can be difficult at times. At Evoke Wellness at Cohasset, we are committed to assisting you in making progress toward a new life free from the grips of addiction. Call us today at 866.931.6429 to begin your recovery journey.