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Our intensive inpatient program is designed for individuals who require concentrated supervision and in-depth support. Intensive Inpatient provides collaborative care to treat individuals who have struggled with a severe addiction to drugs and or alcohol for most of their life. This program is also for persons that require therapy for acute or predominant psychiatric disorders.

The intensive inpatient program is intended for people who have one or both of these conditions. Substance Use Disorder (SUD), also known as addiction, often causes emotional impairment, which can lead to psychosis. This program is highly structured, and clients are assessed and monitored continuously and remain on the premises at all times.

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What Happens in our Intensive Inpatient Program?

Every client meets daily with a therapist, drug addiction specialist, and psychiatrist. One on one attention allows for these persons to feel safe and more open to trusting our professionals. We balance their routine with engaging focused activities that provide a holistic approach to their healing and progress. The Intensive Inpatient program offers a multitude of supportive therapeutic regimens that are meant to target the negative impacts that exorbitant drug and alcohol use causes. Each client receives an individualized treatment plan that is regularly modified to meet their individual needs.

This program prioritizes safety at all times. Regular room checks and drug screenings are required. The guidelines for each client to follow are reasonable, and they are expected to sign a behavior contract upon admission. This program must follow the successful completion of medical detox. Meals and other necessary amenities are provided, and smoking is allowed in designated outdoor smoking areas. 

Who Requires Intensive Inpatient Treatment?

We recommend the Intensive Inpatient program for individuals who are diagnosed with a serious psychiatric condition, have experienced trauma from physical, sexual, or mental abuse, or who have endangered their lives repeatedly from ongoing extreme drug and alcohol addiction. This program is not meant for persons who have a dual diagnosis. Dual diagnoses refer to individuals who struggle with addiction or alcoholism and are diagnosed with anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. The Intensive Inpatient program differs from Dual diagnoses treatment in that clients are regularly assessed by our psychiatric team. Intensive Inpatient therapies and groups focus intensely on improving mental and emotional health. Additionally, the Intensive Inpatient program does not allow clients to leave the center unattended, unlike the dual diagnoses program where clients have more independence. In some instances, a person may step down from the Intensive Inpatient program to our dual diagnosis program or residential treatment program.

Evoke Wellness Massachusetts also offers gender-specific programs within the Intensive Inpatient program. Many women and men often require to be in treatment with the same gender. Every person considering the Intensive Inpatient program is assessed for whether a gender-specific program is needed to allow for their healing and recovery. The Intensive Inpatient program requires a commitment for a minimum of 30 days. Generally, most clients like to remain in our Intensive Inpatient program for 60 to 90 days, then step down to another program. Clients who complete the Intensive Inpatient program are encouraged to stay at our center for another program that will allow them to make even more progress on their road to recovery. 

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