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Crack Cocaine Treatment


Build a foundation for lasting recovery from addiction

Crack Cocaine Addiction Treatment

The drug crack cocaine is notably one of the most addictive substances there is. Crack cocaine is a stimulant type of drug that causes people to feel alert and hyperactive. The effects of crack cocaine on the brain cause a massive surge of dopamine to be released, which makes people feel high. For this reason, the importance of a crack cocaine addiction treatment program can’t be overstated.

Crack cocaine is essentially powder cocaine modified to be more potent. The process for creating crack from powder cocaine involves mixing the powder cocaine with baking powder and water, and then heating it until it forms a rock-like substance. The reason it is more potent than powder cocaine is that when a drug enters the lungs through smoking it, there are thousands of blood vessels available to transport the drug to the brain in seconds.

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Effects Of Stimulant Drugs On Your Body

The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health has published numerous articles on the effects of stimulant drugs such as crack cocaine. They explain that the impact of crack cocaine is more potent because of how it is easily absorbed by the lungs, which transport the drug directly to the brain. Crack cocaine also passes through the brain’s protective layers more easily, unlike other addictive drugs.

The lungs offer a large surface area through which the gaseous form of inhaled substances may quickly pass directly into the bloodstream. To enter the brain, a substance’s molecules must first get through its chemical protection system, which consists mainly of the blood-brain barrier. Small neutral molecules like those of crack cocaine easily pass through the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain. Once inside the brain, substances of abuse begin to exert their psychoactive effects.

The level of euphoria that cracks producers for the user is far greater than when cocaine is snorted. The high that people experience from the smoking crack is intense but only lasts several minutes. This is why people who are addicted to crack spend an enormous amount of money in a short amount of time. They are chasing the high. Typically, crack smokers will continue to smoke crack for hours, days, and even weeks. Crack cocaine addiction is different from other drugs because of how fast it causes addiction. Unfortunately, most people who try crack cocaine get addicted instantaneously.

Signs Of Crack Cocaine Addiction

The signs that someone has become addicted to crack cocaine may begin with subtle differences in how someone behaves. For example, this person may start to stay out all night sporadically, at first. Then more regularly or for longer stretches like several days at a time.

Crack cocaine addiction is very expensive. Therefore, someone who is addicted to crack will be asking to borrow money or have no money. Addiction to crack cocaine, in general, will cause loss of employment, avoidance of family and friends, sleeping for days at a time, mood swings, and depression.

Other signs that someone is under the influence of crack cocaine include:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Remaining awake for long periods
  • Not eating or eating sporadically
  • Periods of overconfidence and excitement
  • Extreme paranoia (looking out windows, believing someone is watching them)
  • Sweating and extreme thirst
  • Unaware of the time or date
  • Hallucinating visually or auditorily
  • A persistent cough ( caused by smoking crack)

If someone is addicted to crack cocaine, they will need to be admitted into a crack cocaine medically managed detox program. Crack cocaine treatment program at our Massachusetts Evoke Wellness center provides medically managed detox for crack addiction. Fortunately, crack addiction doesn’t cause extreme physical withdrawals to occur when someone is detoxing after they have stopped smoking crack. The medically managed detox program monitors their physical, mental and emotional health for several days, and most clients complete their detox within 10 days.

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Crack Cocaine Treatment Program

Evoke Wellness offers a program for crack cocaine addiction that relies on evidence-based forms of therapy and advanced addiction treatment methods that are tailored to meet the personal needs of the individual. Evidence-based forms of treatment provide therapy and ongoing assessments of the progress that a client makes in the recovery.

Our crack cocaine addiction treatment program near Boston, Massachusetts delivers one-on-one counseling, behavioral therapy counseling, large group counseling, small group counseling, holistic therapy methods and groups, and recovery-focused workshops. Every client meets regularly with a licensed substance abuse counselor, and their personalized treatment plan is modified for progress or when specific issues require more in-depth attention.

Our crack cocaine addiction treatment programs are overseen by our expert medical staff who specialize in addiction recovery from crack cocaine. The treatment program that we offer which provide rehab for crack addiction include:

  • Easy Detox: this is the very first step in recovery.
  • Intensive Inpatient: appropriate if your needs are too extensive for outpatient treatment.
  • Residential Rehab: For some, this is the most appropriate treatment, especially if the addiction has continued for a long time.
  • Dual Diagnosis: When patients have co-occurring addiction and another mental health issue, recovery becomes difficult if both issues aren’t treated at the same time.

The Massachusetts crack cocaine treatment center offers programs for men, women and young adults. To begin the admission process, reach out to one of our Evoke Wellness crack cocaine treatment specialists. Our specialists will provide information on what programs are available and arrange insurance verification, help set up payment options, and make all door to door travel arrangements.

Beat Your Crack Cocaine Addiction Today

We understand that the treatment process can be difficult at times. At Evoke Wellness at Cohasset, we are committed assisting you in making progress toward a new life free from the grips of addiction. Call us today at 866.931.6429 and let’s get you started on the road to a successful and long-term recovery.