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Casey’s Law: Hope for Families Battling Addiction

You feel helpless. Your loved one is suffering from addiction, and you’ve tried everything to get them into treatment. But they refuse, and you watch them deteriorate before your eyes. There is hope. Casey’s Law, enacted in Kentucky in 2004, provides a legal means for families to intervene and petition for court-ordered substance abuse treatment for their addicted loved one. Recent statistics show the law has given new hope to thousands of families battling addiction. This article explains Casey’s Law, how it works, and why it offers a lifeline for families in crisis. You’ll learn the step-by-step process, what’s required of families, and how treatment and recovery programs authorized under the law provide help for addicted loved ones. Don’t lose hope. Help is available.

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Casey’s Story

A Harrowing Battle

Casey’s descent into addiction began innocuously – taking prescribed painkillers after a sports injury. However, what started as legitimate use gradually spiraled into abuse and dependence.

Rock Bottom

As the grip of addiction tightened, Casey’s life unraveled. Job loss, estranged family, and legal troubles followed in quick succession – the devastating consequences of substance use disorder.

A Lifeline

At their lowest point, Casey’s loved ones pursued involuntary commitment via Casey’s Law. This intervention provided the pathway to comprehensive treatment and recovery support they so desperately needed.

Hope Rekindled

Through inpatient rehab, counseling, and continued aftercare, Casey slowly regained their footing. The journey was arduous, but their story underscores the life-changing impact of access to addiction treatment services.

What Is Casey’s Law?

Casey’s Law enables families to intervene in a loved one’s life-threatening addiction. It allows parents, siblings, or guardians to petition the court for involuntary treatment for their adult child or sibling.

A Lifeline for Families

  • Provides a legal pathway to mandate treatment for those incapable of recognizing their need for help
  • Empowers families to take action when substance abuse puts a loved one’s life at risk
  • Gives hope to those feeling powerless in the grips of addiction’s devastation

The Process Explained

To utilize Casey’s Law, a qualified petitioner files for assisted outpatient treatment. If approved, the court orders an assessment. Based on findings, mandated treatment like drug rehab programs may follow.

Recent Impact

Since its 2004 inception, Casey’s Law has expanded to 37 states. In Massachusetts alone, over 1,200 petitions were filed from 2018-2022, connecting families to critical substance abuse treatment.

How Does Casey’s Law Work?

Casey’s Law allows families to pursue court-ordered substance abuse treatment for loved ones battling addiction. The process involves:

Initiating the Process

  • File a petition with the appropriate court providing evidence of addiction and failed treatment attempts.
  • Prove the individual poses a risk of harm to themselves or others due to substance abuse.

Court Evaluation

  • The court evaluates the petition and evidence.
  • If approved, the individual is ordered into custody for an emergency substance abuse evaluation.

Treatment Plan

  • Medical professionals conduct an evaluation to determine appropriate treatment.
  • The court orders an individualized treatment plan which may involve:

Casey’s Law prioritizes evidence-based, comprehensive treatment tailored to the individual’s needs. With recent increases in overdose rates, this intervention offers families a legal pathway to help loved ones reclaim their lives from addiction.

Requirements for Casey’s Law

Legal Criteria

  • You must be an adult family member or friend of the individual suffering from substance use disorder.
  • Provide evidence that the person has undergone treatment twice within the past two years or overdosed at least once.
  • Show they are at risk of substantial harm due to their addiction and inability to make rational decisions regarding treatment.

Court Process

  • File a petition in your county’s Probate or Circuit Court requesting involuntary treatment.
  • The court will review evidence and hold a hearing to determine if the criteria is met.
  • If approved, the individual will be ordered into inpatient or outpatient treatment for 60-90 days.

Treatment Options

Casey’s Law provides a legal pathway to help loved ones get life-saving addiction treatment when they cannot or will not seek it voluntarily. With over 100,000 Americans dying annually from drug overdoses, this intervention could be a last resort for some families.

Using Casey’s Law to Get Help for a Loved One

You can use Casey’s Law to intervene and get treatment for a loved one struggling with substance abuse. This involuntary commitment process allows family members or friends to petition the court for emergency protective custody and court-ordered substance abuse treatment.

When to Consider Casey’s Law

  • If your loved one is incapacitated by drugs or alcohol to the point they pose a danger to themselves or others.
  • If they have experienced multiplCasey's law graphicave failed due to denial or inability to remain sober.

The Commitment Process

  • File a petition with the district court providing evidence of substance abuse and failed treatment attempts.
  • The court evaluates the evidence and may order temporary custody for assessment and stabilization.
  • A hearing follows to determine if involuntary inpatient treatment (60-360 days) is warranted.


Substance Abuse Treatment Options

Personalized Treatment Plans

At our facility, we recognize that addiction is a complex issue requiring tailored solutions. Our experts work closely with each individual to create personalized treatment plans addressing their unique needs and circumstances.

Evidence-Based Therapies

We utilize evidence-based therapies proven effective in treating substance use disorders. These may include cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and contingency management interventions.

Comprehensive Care

Our holistic approach combines medical detox, counseling, and aftercare planning for a well-rounded recovery experience. We address co-occurring mental health issues and provide life skills training for sustainable sobriety.

Specialized Programs

We offer specialized tracks catering to specific demographics and addictions:

Through these focused programs, we cultivate an environment of understanding and support among peers sharing similar lived experiences.

FAQ on Casey’s Law

What is Casey’s Law?

Casey’s Law allows family members or friends to petition the court for involuntary treatment of a loved one suffering from substance abuse or addiction. It aims to provide a legal pathway to get help for those unable to recognize their need for treatment due to impairment caused by drugs or alcohol.

How does it work?

  • A concerned family member or friend files a petition with the court
  • The court reviews the petition, appoints an attorney, and orders an evaluation
  • A hearing is scheduled to determine if involuntary treatment is necessary
  • If approved, court-ordered treatment can last 60-360 days based on evaluation

What treatment options are available?

Casey’s Law enables access to various substance abuse treatment programs, including:

  • Detox and stabilization
  • Intensive inpatient or residential rehab
  • Medication-assisted therapy
  • Aftercare and support services


You don’t have to watch your loved one suffer from addiction any longer. With the recent expansions of Casey’s Law in 2024, families now have more power to intervene and get court-ordered treatment for those battling substance abuse. Reach out for help and work with local officials to take the first steps toward recovery. A brighter future awaits, but you must take action today. Treatment programs like those at Evoke Wellness provide the care needed to overcome addiction for good. There is hope – for your loved one, for your family, and for your community. Seize it.

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