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What to Expect in a Medical Detox Center

a group of people comfort someone in a medical detox center

Detox, or detoxification, serves as many people’s introduction to the substance recovery process. If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can be an essential opening step to ongoing sobriety. If at all possible, addicted people should not try to go through detoxification on their own. Instead, the currently accepted standard is enrollment at an acute detox center. What should you expect when you seek help from such a center? There are both person-specific and universal answers to this critical question.

What Does a Medical Detox Center Do – An Overview

Acute detox centers are also known as medical detox centers. In addition, you may see them referred to as supervised detox or medical withdrawal centers. Regardless of their name, all adequately designed facilities share certain features in common.
First, these centers help you deal with the lingering effects of acute intoxication. As your drug or alcohol levels start to drop, detox centers also help you cope with the effects of withdrawal. Such effects are common among addicted people who halt their substance use.

A medical withdrawal center also has another critical task. Namely, it seeks to motivate your enrollment in a substance treatment program at the close of detox. Why? Substance treatment is the next link in the continuing chain of effective addiction recovery.

Dealing With Acute Intoxication in a Medical Drug Detox Center

As a rule, people who enter detox still have drugs or alcohol in their system. This means that they’re still intoxicated. The first goal of detox is evaluating such things as:

  • Every substance still circulating through your bloodstream
  • Your current level of intoxication
  • The specifics of your substance use habits

These are just some of the factors taken into consideration. Other essential details include your mental and physical health, both now and in the past. Your detox team will also consider the social context in which your substance use normally occurs.

Withdrawal Coping Strategies Used at a Medical Detox Center

Successful withdrawal management is critical to your chances of completing detox. That’s true because untreated withdrawal symptoms can destroy your desire to get sober. Everyone going through medical withdrawal receives certain forms of symptom management. These universally used options include:

  • Relaxed surroundings that combine safety and comfort
  • Stabilization of your hydration levels
  • Support for your general nutritional wellness

You may also need additional care that fits your personal circumstances. For example, people with opioid withdrawal should expect additional medication support. The same holds true for people with alcohol withdrawal.

Gearing Up for a Substance Treatment Program

Medical alcohol detox centers and medical drug detox centers don’t exist in a vacuum. Instead, they play a specific role in your overall plan to overcome addiction. An effective strategy also includes substance treatment after you first get sober in detox. That’s why detoxification centers spend time preparing you for treatment enrollment. They know that detox alone is an inadequate recovery resource. Detox only truly works when you use it as a springboard for your ongoing rehab efforts.

Find Out More About What Happens in Medical Detox at Evoke Wellness

Do you or your loved one need medical detox to support your substance recovery? Get more information on what to expect at Evoke Wellness. We’ll help ensure you have a realistic picture of detox centers’ operations.

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