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Build a foundation for lasting recovery from addiction

3 Benefits of Seeking Family Therapy in Recovery

two people fight and cry on a couch with a therapist after seeking family therapy

Addiction may be isolating to those who struggle with it. But its impacts are not isolated to just a single person. Addiction affects an entire family unit in profound ways. Seeking family therapy is often a critical piece of the recovery process. Family therapy for addiction recovery is recommended for any recovery plan at Evoke Wellness. Sometimes, family members may resist engaging in family therapy for addiction recovery. Attending family therapy is not an indictment on anyone, nor is it meant to call out anyone’s failures. Instead, it is an essential structure for repairing the damage of addiction, healing wounds, and helping families regain healthy habits of interaction.

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The Ways Addiction Affects Families

Families remain the center of our social and emotional lives. While the family structure has changed in many ways in the past decades, many of us are still dependent on families, whether of our choosing or our blood relatives. Addiction will inevitably impact the entire family. Not everyone will share the impact equally. However, it will touch all involved at some point.

A few ways that addiction affects families include:

  • Broken or strained relationships due to the behavior change wrought by addiction
  • Financial trouble because of a loved one’s addiction or legal troubles
  • The presence of dangerous substances or people in and around the household
  • Worsening school or work performance in the loved one
  • Rising pain, stress, grief, and confusion

All of these impacts naturally influence the mental health of a family unit. The stress of an addiction may increase anxiety, lead to depression, or simply cause a general sense of tension. In addition, the behavior of someone with an addiction often determines the mental health of others in a family. For example, a father who struggles with addiction may become abusive or distant from his children due to a drug’s influence.

The Benefits of Seeking Family Therapy

The broader impact of addiction is somewhat unavoidable. A family may try to ignore the presence of addiction, but that will not stop it from upending the health of a family. The solution to this issue is seeking family therapy. When everyone is hurt, everyone needs a chance to heal. Family therapy for addiction recovery provides that opportunity to heal and overcome the hurt from addiction. Explore three benefits of receiving family support in addiction recovery below.

1. Reduced Safety Risks

Drugs come with an element of risk and danger. Especially when young children are involved, a household will instantly become safer when drugs are removed. Removing drugs also paves the way for establishing healthy physical, mental, and emotional boundaries.

2. Improved Communication

Healthy communication will always face challenges in a household. But addiction unnecessarily complicates the ability of family members to communicate in practical ways. Through family therapy for addiction recovery, each family member will be equipped with skills for better communicating and advocating for their needs.

3. Education

Everyone has a different level of knowledge when it comes to addiction. Frequently, that knowledge is confused by misconceptions or false beliefs. Seeking family therapy is a way to educate the whole family on what addiction is, how it shows up in their loved one, and how it can be addressed positively.

Find Family Support in Addiction Recovery

Evoke Wellness at Cohasset prioritizes family support in addiction recovery. Our approach is designed to help everyone in a family heal from the damage addiction causes. Contact us at 866.931.6429 to learn more about family therapy and how it can benefit you and your loved ones.