Clinical Stabilization Services


Do I Need Residential Rehab?

We offer residential treatment known as Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS), which is designed for persons who struggle with drug abuse and alcoholism. The primary goal is to provide clients a safe and healing environment that is focused on helping them learn how to remain drug and alcohol-free. We rely on evidence-based forms of therapy and advanced addiction treatment methods. 

We offer a wide range of specialized treatment programs, therapies, groups, and one on one counseling that activates a person’s willingness to remain clean and sober. Our professional staff includes medical doctors who specialize in addiction recovery, psychiatrists, and licensed substance abuse counselors, and accomplished therapists.

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How Long Does Clinical Stabilization Last?

Our Clinical Stabilization Services program requires that a person be able to commit to staying for a minimum of 28 days. Generally, most clients prefer to stay longer, and we like to recommend that clients consider staying for 60 or 90 days. The more time a person remains in treatment, the higher their chances are for achieving long term recovery from addiction and or alcoholism. Many clients attend our Residential Treatment program then step down to a program that allows for more independence, such as an outpatient program or sober living environment.

Admission Process for Clinical Stabilization Services

All clients must successfully complete a medical detox prior to being admitted into the Residential Treatment program. One of our expert staff members will provide a SUD assessment of the individual for what program will best contribute to their wellbeing in recovery. We then make a recommendation for what level of care they need. If the Residential Treatment program will benefit their progress, we begin the admission process immediately. Ideally, clients may attend our medical detox program, which is directly connected to our Residential Treatment program so that the clients can build even stronger relationships with their counselors and staff and other clients.

Our treatment program specialists consider what factors have influenced a person’s substance use disorder. These include drug use types and history, early childhood environments, trauma, family relations and genetic influences, mental health diagnoses, and any history of abuse or neglect. Since each client will have a unique assessment, we provide an individualized treatment plan for all of our clients. An individualized treatment plan for our Residential Treatment program focuses on what therapeutic methods are best for the individual to help them recover. We also educate clients on the harmful effects of addiction and how to develop an awareness of what drugs and alcohol do ‘to’ them versus ‘for’ them.

Benefits of Residential Addiction Treatment

In our Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS), the residences are gender-specific, and all clients attend specialized treatment programs daily, with structured activities and less intensive groups on the weekends. Clinical Stabilization includes the following therapies:

  • Regular Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) sessions
  • Focused group counseling
  • Facilitated holistic therapy groups
  • Individual counseling
  • Relapse prevention workshops
  • Stress and anger management classes
  • 12 step and other recovery focused philosophy meetings
  • Fun and engaging outdoor and indoor social activities
  • Multiple opportunities to participate in sports, gym, and exercise

Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS) allow clients to smoke in designated smoking areas outdoors. We provide rules and guidelines that are reasonable, and each client is asked to sign a behavior contract. Clients are monitored around the clock by a staff member. We provide all meals and access to essential amenities such as phone and internet. For detailed information about our “CSS” level of care, please connect with Evoke Wellness MA admissions representatives. 

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