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What Are the Best Treatment Programs for PTSD?

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a mental illness caused by exposure to one or more traumatic experiences. Most people associate PTSD with combat veterans, though this condition can affect anyone who has been through extreme trauma. According to the National Center for PTSD, experiencing trauma is not rare. In fact, roughly 6 out of every 10 American men and 5 out of every 10 American women will experience some type of trauma over the course of their lifetimes.

How Many Suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

PTSD is a specific type of trauma that is fairly common and affects roughly 6 out of every 100 American adults. It is estimated that about 15 million men and women are actively struggling with the symptoms associated with PTS during any given year. Unfortunately, suppose a person fails to seek help for these symptoms. In that case, it is often because they are unaware that PTSD has developed or because they are not aware of the recovery-related resources that remain readily available to them. At Evoke Wellness at Cohasset we offer a trauma-informed addiction treatment track, working closely with people who have struggled with addiction and trauma-related issues, including PTSD. If you or someone you love has been struggling with PTSD, narrowing down the best treatment programs can be difficult. So what should you look for in a treatment program? Should you choose a program that helps treat addiction as well? Contact us today to learn more.

What to Look For in a PTSD and Addiction Treatment Program?

If you are looking for a treatment program that offers treatment options for PTSD and addiction, we recommend keeping an eye out for several important factors. First of all, look for a treatment center that offers:

  • Individualized treatment options that focus on your unique, personal needs and clinical requirements.
  • A staff composed of a team of licensed and highly experienced professionals — both therapeutic professionals with personal backgrounds in trauma and medical professionals.
  • At least 30 days of inpatient treatment. In most cases, people with dual diagnosis disorders require at least 90 days of intensive inpatient treatment. The duration of your personal treatment program will depend heavily on what is best for you. There are a
  • A range of luxury accommodations, ranging from private or semi-private bedrooms to daily meals prepared by a professionally trained chef.

The things you should look for in a PTSD treatment program also depend on several personal factors, including:

  • Whether or not you have sought treatment for PTSD in the past.
  • How many co-occurring disorders you are currently suffering from.
  • If you have pre-existing obligations that might prevent you from entering into residential rehab.
  • Other potential restrictions, like what kind of health insurance policy you currently have and how far you are willing to travel for rehab.

Evoke Wellness at Cohasset and PTSD Recovery Options

At Evoke Wellness at Cohasset, we specialize in the effective and comprehensive treatment of dual diagnosis disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder. If you or someone close to you has been simultaneously struggling with addiction and unresolved trauma, seeking the professional help of a dual diagnosis treatment center is all but essential. If one condition is left untreated, the likelihood of maintaining recovery from the other condition is lessened significantly. As a result, we have developed an accessible and effective treatment program for men and women of all ages.

Your New Life Begins Now. Overcome Consequences of PTSD at Evoke Wellness at Cohasset

As soon as you decide to reach out for help, we will be there. We have developed an admissions process that is exceptionally easy to complete. However, we understand that after dealing with the consequences of active addiction and the symptoms associated with PTSD, the last thing you want to do is sort through all of the specifics of entering into a treatment program. Fortunately, at Evoke Wellness at Cohasset, we have a team of compassionate and dedicated staff members who are more than willing to walk you through the entire process from start to finish. So simply contact us today to get started, and we will take it from there.