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Build a foundation for lasting recovery from addiction

Time Management Tips for Sober People

When someone is in active addiction, their life has usually become chaotic, unmanageable, and very disorganized. Almost every waking moment of the person’s life is spent either chasing or using drugs. Once they enter into recovery, their whole life changes. Learning how to manage time effectively is an extremely important part of recovery. When an individual is in recovery, having any unproductive free time can be dangerous and lead to a relapse.

What Is Time Management in Recovery?

Time management is a process where a person learns how to consciously control the amount of time they spend on certain activities. Time management helps to ensure that the individual is not spending too much time on one task and neglecting other tasks. It is a positive change in one’s life that allows them to make better use of their time. Healthy time management skills can help a person in recovery avoid feeling overwhelmed and unproductive. Also, avoiding any unnecessary stress will help to prevent being triggered and possibly relapsing. Time management is a good way for a recovering addict to start regaining control of their life once and for all.

Benefits of Effective Time Management for Sober People

Effective time management skills can help to alleviate a lot of stress in a person’s life and provide a greater sense of accomplishment as things are getting done. It also helps a recovering addict regain responsibility and become more reliable. Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, effective time management will make your life in recovery smoother and less stressful. The National Library of Medicine says the following on time management:

Realistic time management and organization plans can improve productivity and the quality of life. However, these skills can be difficult to develop and maintain. The key elements of time management are goals, organization, delegation, and relaxation. (NLM)

Tips For Effective Time Management

  • Have a Plan – One of the most important things in time management is to develop a plan. Recovering addicts have to stay busy to avoid boredom. Boredom in recovery is dangerous! Having any free time for an addict’s head to wander can lead to a relapse. Plan the day out either hour by hour or by activity. Include everything from meals, to errands, work, shower time, exercise, and any other activities that you may enjoy. Be sure to include an activity that will support your recovery.
  • Create a Schedule – Write everything down. Plan the day and put it into a schedule. This will help you to better manage your time and prioritize your tasks. It will also help you to prevent yourself from spending too much time on any one task.
  • Keep a Calendar – Calendars are great time management tools. It can help one keep track of appointments and activities. It can also help to make sure that the day is filled up, and that there aren’t any gaps left with nothing to do.
  • Include Time for Rest – Getting adequate sleep is a very important part of recovery. Taking time to practice self-care and take a nap can be very beneficial. Not getting enough sleep can hurt a person’s mental and physical health.
  • Monitor Your Time – The last tip for effective time management is to monitor your time. Keep a log to ensure that you are staying on schedule. If you notice too much time is being spent on any one task, then you can make adjustments.

Treatment for Addiction

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