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Removing Negativity From Your Life

Addiction to drugs and alcohol, gambling, or even food are common addictions and well-known, but what about being addicted to negativity? Is there such a thing? Have you ever met a person that is never happy no matter what? Being addicted to negativity is an emotional addiction that’s often overlooked. Addiction to negativity is a psychological addiction that can greatly impact a person’s life and anyone. It can be due to life challenges that we all face, or it could be caused by something more substantial, like a societal issue.

Does Negativity Affect Sobriety?

When people are addicted to negativity, they are never happy or satisfied. There may be something bad that has happened in their life that is distressing. Even if a solution to the problem has been found and the situation is resolved, they still aren’t happy and will find something else to be upset about. An individual addicted to negativity is usually always angry, rarely ever expresses happiness, and is rarely satisfied.

More About Negativity During Recovery

Negativity can be destructive in recovery. Everyone deals with some negative thinking in their life, but continuously having negative thoughts can threaten recovery. Negativity promotes hopelessness and keeps you from fulfilling your potential. Negativity discourages growth which is crucial in the first year of recovery. Not only that, it impacts those around you. Negativity can also greatly impact a person’s mental health.

How to Remove Negativity from Your Life?

Negativity will suck the energy out of a person. Removing it from your life can be a great sense of relief and significantly improve a person’s overall well-being. So, how do you remove negativity from your life? Here are some tips:

  • Stay away from other negative people and limit your social media use – If you are on social media a lot, keep yourself away from anything you may deem negative or anything that may stress you out.
  • Surround yourself with positive, uplifting, and supportive people – Surround yourself with people that bring you up instead of dragging you down.
  • Be grateful– There is always something to be grateful for! Every day write down four or five things you are grateful for that day. A grateful heart is a happy heart!
  • Be responsible and admit your mistakes when you are wrong – Carrying around burdens will only continue dragging you down. Don’t blame others for your wrongs.
  • No regrets – Don’t dwell on negative situations, and don’t worry about things out of your control. Also, don’t dwell on the past. It’s over with; you can’t go back and change what has already happened.
  • Stop complaining and do something about it – Sitting around complaining about things doesn’t accomplish anything; take action if you are unhappy about a situation.
  • Be mindful of your words – Don’t use words like can’t or it’s not for you. Instead, empower yourself and be grateful for what you already have instead of what you don’t have.
  • Fill your life with things that make you happy– Be sure to practice good self-care and participate in fun activities and things you enjoy.

The last thing you can do to help remove negativity from your life is to encourage and lift others. Take time to listen to others going through tough times and be supportive of them. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen serving others. Sometimes if we see the struggles that others face daily, it makes us realize that we don’t have it so bad.

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