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Build a foundation for lasting recovery from addiction

Motivational Songs About Addiction Recovery

Music offers so many benefits besides just something to bop your head to or listen to while in the car. For so many people, myself included, music is a source of inspiration and happiness. It is a way to make sense of your emotions or something to give you the motivation to keep fighting and moving forward. We’ve put together a list of motivational songs about addiction recovery.

Music to Help You While In Recovery from Addiction

Music has an incredible way of helping people through difficult times in our lives while also remaining focused on what is truly important. When you make the life-changing decision to enter into recovery and live sober, you will experience good days and bad days. But this list of songs about recovery and addiction can provide you with motivation, inspiration, healing, and hope especially when you need it the most at such a vulnerable and new time. “Sober” by Kelly Clarkson – In this song, Clarkson used a relationship as a metaphor for addiction. If you think about it, addiction is a relationship. We fell in love with drugs and we became broken because of drugs. It is a prime example of a toxic relationship as we allowed it to control us and manipulate us. The lyrics show the temptation that is present in our lives, but that you don’t need to give in to it. “Running to Stand Still” by U2 – This song is a description of the life of a couple addicted to heroin. It describes the idea that substance abuse is just denial and a way to escape from the truth. Most addicts use drugs as a way to escape from something and end up finding themselves unable to escape at all. It also portrays feelings of hopelessness that come along with active addiction and how most addicts are just fighting with themselves, especially when pursuing recovery and healing. “Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park – This song talks about doing something, like drugs, as a way to forget the pain and hurt that happens in life. When pain happens, we want to feel numb. While we may find that for a short time with drugs, you are only really compounding the pain and making it worse. Many people find the meaning in this song to be about admitting their guilt, surrendering yourself, and giving up the bad habit for good that you used as an escape. “Otherside” by Macklemore – This is a powerful song that talks about how abusing drugs may look like fun and games at first, but how deadly it is. Its lyrics are meant to never underestimate the power that drugs have on people. If you are stuck in addiction or are in recovery and on the fence about going back out, this song acts as a great reminder of the damage addiction will ultimately have on you. “How Could You Leave Us” by NF – This song is truly heartbreaking but serves as a great reminder of how your addiction did damage to the loved ones in your family. It is written from the perspective of someone who lost his or her mother to addiction. If you ever lose sight of the destruction your addiction has on those around you, listen to this song. “One Day at a Time” by Joe Walsh – Is probably one of the best songs about recovery and it talks about taking recovery one day at a time. It is the story of a man who recognizes he has a problem and transitions to learning how to live their life without alcohol. For the recovering addict, this serves as a reminder to take recovery one day at a time and not feel overwhelmed by life.

More Music Related to Addiction Recovery

While there are so many more songs out there that can be used as motivation in recovery and life itself, these songs show addiction and recovery from different perspectives. If you ever need the inspiration to keep going, take a listen to one or more of these songs. Music can aid your recovery so use the motivation you feel from it to keep fighting. If you or a loved one have a drug or alcohol addiction, Evoke Wellness at Cohasset is here to help you on the path to sobriety.