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How Long Does Crack Cocaine Stay In Urine?

Crack Cocaine is a powerful illicit stimulant. Crack cocaine is cocaine that has been mixed with baking soda and water, and then heated at a high temperature and rapidly cooled down. The result is a hard rock-like substance that is smoked. Crack Cocaine provides a rapid, intense, euphoric high as soon as it hits the user’s lungs. The high is very intense, but it is also short-lived. A hit of crack cocaine only lasts between 5 and 10 minutes, which leaves the user quickly wanting more. Crack Cocaine is one of the most psychologically addicting substances around.

How Long Can Crack Cocaine Be Detected in Urine?

Even though crack cocaine provides a quick, intense high and the high quickly wear off, that doesn’t mean it leaves the system that rapidly. Urine drug testing is the most common form of drug testing for the presence of crack cocaine because it is easy to do and many substances can be detected for a longer period than with a blood or saliva test. Crack Cocaine is typically detected in the urine from between 1 to 4 days. When urine drug testing is done on someone that has recently smoked crack cocaine, a positive result will show positive for cocaine and not for crack cocaine. The NIH has done some testing using a different method that may be able to detect crack cocaine. Other forms of drug testing, such as blood and saliva will also only show positive for cocaine and not crack cocaine. A hair test is the only test that allows crack cocaine to be detected. This method is not common, and although the drug is no longer in your system, it is a way for it to be detected. Usually, urine screens are the drug test of choice for crack cocaine use detection and they are generally very reliable.

Factors That Can Affect Crack Cocaine Detection Times

Many different factors can affect how long crack cocaine stays in your system.

  • Good Liver Function – a healthy and good functioning liver will process crack cocaine quicker. Continued drug use will put added stress on the liver causing damage over time, which will cause it to work harder and take longer to process the toxins.
  • Length of Use – a one time user will process crack cocaine a lot quicker than someone that has continuously used over a long period.
  • Food and Water Intake – consuming lots of water will help to flush crack cocaine out of the system faster since it is water-soluble. However, eating a lot of heavy food may slow down the process because the body is trying to digest the food at the same time.
  • Amount of Drug Used – the larger the amount of crack cocaine use, the longer it will take to process. The liver can only process a certain amount of drug at a time.
  • Co-Drug Abuse – mixing any drugs is a dangerous practice. Co-use can increase the effects of other drugs that have been taken, along with increasing the time it takes for the body to process the drugs.

Some of the other factors that can affect how long crack cocaine stays in your system can include the person’s age, whether they are male or female, their circulation, digestive system, and their overall health.

Treatment for Crack Cocaine Addiction

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