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Build a foundation for lasting recovery from addiction

How Does Holistic Therapy Work?

Holistic therapy is the practice of focusing on a person’s mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs simultaneously. Integrating all four of these areas into one or numerous treatment methods along with traditional treatment methods complements their effectiveness, which is the holistic approach. Holistic therapy can take many forms as long as it is based on research and well-renowned practices. Holistic therapy is not an elusive set of principles but strategic in healing and improving the four areas it serves.

Where Did Holistic Therapy Come From?

Holistic health care dates back more than 2,500 years ago to Hippocrates, who used it to describe his method of providing care to patients. According to holistic medicine practitioners, the body consists of interdependent parts. If one part is not functioning well, the others will also be affected. Therefore, a person’s overall health can be adversely affected if they have imbalances in their mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional condition.

What is Holistic Therapy?

A holistic doctor will treat patients with conventional medication AND alternative therapies. For example, suppose someone suffers from low back pain and visits a holistic doctor rather than simply getting medications from a medical doctor. The holistic doctor will examine all the factors that may cause back pain, including other health issues, sleep and diet habits, stress level, addictions, other critical personal problems, and their spiritual life. In addition to safe medications to provide relief or control symptoms, holistic doctors or therapists will also recommend lifestyle modifications to help prevent the low back pain from recurring. Holistic healthcare is the use of non-medicinal practices along with medicines that are safe and non-addictive. 

What Are Some Holistic Principles?

Holistic medicine adheres to the belief that unconditional love and support are most important to the healing process. The holistic theory also states that a person is ultimately responsible for their health and well-being. Therefore, holistic medicine providers must focus and encourage their patients this way:

  • All people can seek out how to engage their healing abilities.
  • Patients are people, not diseases.
  • The best way to heal a person is through many resources involving both the patient and the doctor and covering all aspects of a person’s life.
  • Rather than just alleviating the symptoms of a condition, treatment involves fixing its underlying causes.
  • Therapy methods using alternative approaches also fulfill goals because they allow a person to get help in all areas.

What Types of Holistic Therapy Treat Addiction?

Using safe and effective therapeutic methods is at the heart of a holistic approach. It is also believed that physical, mental, and emotional growth are all essential for overcoming addiction. In addition, supportive, non-judgmental care makes a person more likely to contribute to their healing and recovery. The types of holistic therapy that are most effective for the treatment of an addiction include:

  • Guided Imagery
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Nutrition

Does Science Recommend Holistic Therapy?

Yes, holistic therapies are well understood and found beneficial by the science and medical community. The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances in science and health published research about holistic healthcare. They note how well received it is and its growth.

The landscape of medicine in the United States has been slowly progressing toward a more holistic and individualized approach to healing. Part of this progress has been the integration between western and alternative forms of medicine. This concept has been described as “integrative medicine.” This approach to healthcare incorporates a patient’s mind, spirituality, and sense of community into the healing process. Integrative medicine has been typically well-received, and the demand has been steadily increasing in primary US hospitals. (NCBI)

Evoke Wellness at Cohasset Provides Holistic Therapy for Treating Addiction

Because a person’s spiritual grounding is key to recovery, we support our patients to explore holistic therapy methods that help them. Evoke Wellness at Cohasset provides daily holistic therapy groups and sessions to all of our patients in our rehab programs. Do not let your mind, body, spirit, and emotions grow darker because of addiction. We have the expertise and the experience to help you, and we care about you. Call now for immediate access to our holistic therapy programs and chat or email for more help.