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Build a foundation for lasting recovery from addiction

How Can We Avoid Drugs?

Drugs are almost ubiquitous, and their widespread and multiple uses make it impossible to exclude them from everyday life. When people use drugs, they do so for various reasons, ranging from managing stress and diseases to enhancing performance or productivity. In other cases, people use drugs to alter their emotions, initiating series of highs or lows as coping mechanisms. 

The Drug Addiction Cycle: From First-Time Use to Chronic Dependence

Regardless of the motive behind their use or misuse, drugs are not innocuous compounds; they can cause harm, especially when used in unregulated amounts. The unfortunate events associated with the use of certain drugs are readily circumvented by avoiding the consumption or abuse of these drugs. These adverse outcomes include drug dependence and withdrawal symptoms, mental health disorders, organ dysfunction, drug overdose complications, and death.

More About Drug Addiction Cycle

Drug abuse is a complex, seemingly intractable problem. Whether in the United States or elsewhere, many factors are known to cause or promote it. Interestingly, these factors are not always as independent, simple, or clear-cut as most people expect them to be. Hence, it is no surprise that most addictions result from the interplay of at least one of them. For instance, even though curiosity or peer pressure might motivate first-time drug users, the perceived rewards of the experience contribute to whether or not they consider a second trial. The alterations created in the brain from drug use worsen over time, marking the onset of drug dependence, withdrawal, and addiction. The differences in how people respond to drug use are primarily due to other related factors, including one’s genetic makeup.

How You Can Avoid Drugs and Stay Abstinent

With their use extending far beyond simply consuming them, avoiding drugs will take much more than a resolution to stay abstinent. Although such resolves are sometimes helpful, it appears steering clear of specific triggers or stimuli to use drugs works more effectively. By avoiding these triggers, people spare themselves the feelings of pressure, lack, or fear that could lure them into considering drug use or abuse. In addition, it also helps to build mutually beneficial relationships and turn to professionals in times of difficulty or emotional instability rather than seek help from unaccredited sources. 

Why Turn to Evoke Wellness for Help to Break Drug Addiction?

If you need support to deal with drug abuse or addiction around Massachusetts or across the United States, we can help you. At Evoke Wellness, MA, we use non-conventional approaches to unravel and manage your addiction. That we leverage the expertise and experience of our therapists to develop high-quality, result-oriented therapies stand us out in the nation. With us, you rest assured that you have all it will take to beat addiction.  If you wonder whether or how our therapies will treat your addiction, it will interest you to learn about the personalized treatment schedules we develop for our clients. We are deliberate about what we do at Evoke Wellness, MA, especially how we help addicted people regain abstinence without hassles. So get in touch with us today to learn more.