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Build a foundation for lasting recovery from addiction

What Factors Predict Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is an extremely complex condition. No two people experience drug addiction the same way. Some people fall victim to drug addiction at a young age after experiencing a significant trauma or another serious and life-changing circumstance. Some people begin experimenting with drugs in their 50s after undergoing a painful divorce or a particularly detrimental midlife crisis. Why does drug addiction happen to some people and not to others? Why do some people develop life-threatening substance abuse disorders while others can use drugs recreationally with no serious consequences? These are age-old questions that have deep-rooted answers that are multi-layered and often encompass a person’s life history.

Understanding Substance Abuse Disorders

It’s not easy to even begin to understand the complexity of the disease of addiction but plenty of research has been done on the subject over the years. We know that many unfortunate individuals have been prescribed a controlled substance for legitimate medical reasons and soon find themselves abusing this medication and eventually transitioning to a harder drug and losing their family, their livelihood, and their mental and emotional well-being. No matter how your personal addiction began, one thing is for certain — in order for this addiction to be adequately addressed, it is important that the root cause is unearthed and that all contributing factors are addressed in-depth as well. We believe that comprehensive healing should begin as early as the detox process, which is typically the very first stage in every addiction recovery journey. Not only do we help each and every one of our clients work towards physical stabilization and undergo a safe and comfortable drug withdrawal, but we also help pave the road to continued sobriety by addressing mental and emotional issues. If you would like to learn more about our integrated detox program or if you would like to learn more about the factors that predict drug addiction, contact us today.

Factors That Predict the Development of Drug Addiction

There are certain factors that predict the development of drug addiction, the most common signs and symptoms that are seen in the substance abuse history of addicted individuals are the following:

  • Genetic predisposition. Addiction is passed down from generation to generation. If your parents struggle with alcoholism, drug addiction, or behavioral addictions like compulsive gambling, there is a much bigger risk of developing an addiction yourself.
  • Environmental factors. Environment plays a major role in the development of drug addiction. People who grow up in high-stress environments, such as environments where the parent isn’t present and they have to take care of their siblings, tend to use drugs as a means of coping.
  • Dual diagnosis disorders. Many people who experiment with drugs do so because they are suffering from mental illness and they are looking to alleviate the more severe psychological symptoms.
  • The age of initial use. People who start using drugs at an early age are more likely to develop an addictive disorder when they get older. This is especially true for those who start using drugs before the age of 18 when the brain is still developing.

Detox & Acute Treatment Services

At Evoke Wellness at Cohasset, we believe in addressing addiction comprehensively. Many addiction treatment and medical detox centers (either those found in a hospital setting or those funded by the state government) are impersonal and typically treat each client the exact same way — with a combination of medication, psychotherapy, sober support, and around-the-clock supervision. We offer much more than medication-assisted treatment and a safe, secure place to sleep. All of our clients have access to the highest standard of medical care conducted by clinical and behavioral health professionals with decades of experience in the field of substance abuse rehabilitation. In addition to these top-tier accommodations, clients have access to daily group psychotherapy workshops and one-on-one personalized therapy sessions, 12-step meetings (either Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous), along with individualized case management services. Case managers help place clients in the next appropriate level of addiction treatment once detox concludes, which might be inpatient rehab, PHP, or IOP depending on the unique needs of the client. To learn more about the development of drug addiction or to learn more about how to treat drug addiction once it does develop, contact Evoke Wellness at Cohasset and our confidential admissions helpline.