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Can You Snort Percocet Pills?

Percocet is a prescription drug that was made to be used for pain management for moderate to severe pain. It is a mixture of two different drugs; the opioid oxycodone and acetaminophen. Percocet is always prescribed in a pill form to be taken by mouth, however, a lot of people who abuse or are addicted to Percocet often move to snort it at some point. When Percocet is crushed up into a powder and snorted, it significantly increases the speed that it is absorbed into the body, ultimately feeling its effects much quicker too. It causes a rapid release of the drug. When it is taken orally, it takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes to feel its effects. When it is snorted, it is nearly instantaneous. This creates a much stronger feeling of euphoria. The feeling is that much more intense than when it is taken as it should be. This also means the potential for abuse and addiction is that much greater.

Dangers of Snorting Percocet

Snorting Percocet increased the risk of abuse, dependence, accidental overdose and has negative health effects on your nasal cavities and physical well-being. When it is taken as prescribed, the likelihood of an accident is not as great because doesn’t create as intense of side effects that snorting it does. When snorted, Percocet can severely impair a person’s abilities like motor skills or coordination and dull your senses. Snorting Percocet causes very strong side effects on your brain’s cognitive function and can result in a lack of awareness, light-headedness, and dizziness. This will put you and others around you at a much higher risk for harm.

Addiction to Percocet Pain Pills

Chronic Percocet use can also do some serious damage to your insides. When snorted, it can cause damage to the nasal passages and the nose like bacterial or sinus infections or a deviated septum. Your liver, lungs, and heart are also at risk with chronic use and can even lead to potentially fatal consequences. The most likely danger of snorting Percocet is the risk for addiction. Percocet abuse can rewire someone’s brain and urge them to keep taking the drug in larger quantities more and more. As time passes, it makes it that much harder to stop using on your own because your body will have developed a physical dependency on the drug. With addiction also comes the risk of an overdose. As your body needs you to keep taking more and more just to feel normal, your likelihood of an overdose continues to rise. Percocet puts a serious strain on your central nervous system that can result in heart failure or respiratory arrest and ultimately death. Anytime a person is snorting Percocet, even if it is prescribed to them for pain relief, they are abusing it. The high that comes along with elevated amounts of dopamine is what leads a person to addiction. Many people become addicted to the feeling that Percocet creates for them long before they are physically addicted to it, though that will likely follow if the abuse continues. Once your body and your mind are addicted to Percocet, it will be very hard to just feel normal without it in your system.

Science-Based Percocet Detox Program

Addiction to anything, especially to an opioid-like Percocet will change you as a person. Percocet is a very strong medication and constantly chasing the high when you are addicted will cause you to lose your family and friends, home, job, and yourself. When you make the step to stop snorting Percocet, seek out medical professional help like what we offer here at Evoke Wellness at Cohasset. Our goal is to improve your quality of life by showing you how to live again without the influence of Percocet.