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Alumni Program


Build a foundation for lasting recovery

Alumni & Family

Our Alumni Network Enhances Sobriety

At Evoke Wellness Massachusetts, we believe in the importance of maintaining connection. We believe that without staying involved and connected, your risk of relapse increases – numerous studies show that those who stay immersed in recovery have the highest rates of long-term sobriety. We also understand that staying connected is not always easy to accomplish. 

We provide each of clients with all of the tools and resources they need to stay connected. Our comprehensive alumni support network offers the opportunity to stay involved while receiving any additional, ongoing support that may be needed. We do not simply say “goodbye” to those who graduate from our recovery program – in fact, we consider all of our alumni nothing less than family. 

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Continued Family Support

Not only is alumni support vital to continued addiction recovery, but it is imperative that the family members of the alumni are closely involved with the process. As wonderful as newfound sobriety is, it can be difficult for the family members of their newly sober loved one to know what just what to do. Should they keep alcohol in the house? Should they encourage 12 step meetings attendance, or just let it be? Should they ask questions about recovery, and if so, what should they be asking?

At Evoke Wellness MA, our team of counselors and family therapists will help answer these questions, along with any other questions that arise. We understand that this is not just a tough transition for the newly sober individual, but for everyone involved. Many studies prove that ongoing care – both involving the alumni and the family of the alumni – lead to longer periods of happy and fulfilled sobriety. 

Enjoy a Life Beyond Rehab

In addition to ongoing family-related services, we offer our alumnus a variety of resources that will help them stay involved, connected, and ultimately maintain their sobriety. These resources include:

  • Occasional alumni activities, events and meet-ups. We organize fun-filled alumni activities and events, so that those who have graduated from our treatment program – whether it be months or years ago – have the opportunity to stay involved, catch up on a regular basis, and have massive amounts of fun in the process. 
  • Social media pages where alumni members can interact with one another. Those who move away from our treatment center in Massachusetts will still have the opportunity to stay engaged. We have alumni pages on Facebook and other social media outlets, where alumni members can talk to one another, offer insight and advice, and share their personal hardships and triumphs. 
  • The opportunity for alumni mentorship. In some cases, our alumni members will have the opportunity to mentor someone who is in a lower level of care. This will help foster strong, meaningful connections, while continuing to build self-esteem and stay involved. 
  • Bringing 12 step meetings into our inpatient residence. Another way to stay involved is by bringing 12 step meetings into the inpatient residence. Our alumni members will often facilitate the meeting, or even lead the meeting, speaking about their own experience, strength and hope. 
  • Ongoing support when needed. Early recovery is not always easy, and our team of counselors and therapists will still be available to help alumni navigate through things if and when they get tough. 

Evoke Wellness MA: Solution-Focused Recovery

Once you reclaim your life and transition back into independent living, your life will become full with all of the amazing components of day-to-day life that you were likely lacking prior to recovery. You will have a career, you will have a social life, you will start spending time with your loved ones, and you will finally be able to pursue your own passions and life goals.

Our Evoke Wellness Massachusetts Alumni program believes in the bolstering of long-term professional relationships, ones that will grow and develop over time into healthy and lasting friendships. To learn more about our alumni program, give us a call today.

Ready to Rebuild Your Life?

Our caring treatment team knows that it’s not always easy to ask for help. At Evoke Wellness Massachusetts, many of our staff are in recovery themselves and we undertand what you’re going through. Reach out today and we will guide you to lasting sobriety.

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